About Us

What to expect
When you walk into Vamps Vapours we want you to expect only the finest in customer service. We want to make sure when you leave Vamps Vapours, whether you're new to vaping or experienced, that you are completely satisfied with your experience. Our plan is to provide you with superior customer service and knowledge paired with a great selection geared towards all levels of vaping.
The philosophy of Vamps Vapours is deeper than just your average vape shop. We would like to offer you the finest selection of hardware and E-liquid to provide you with the best way to curb your smoking habit. We would like to help you make a decision that will make a positive and healthy impact on your life. We also would like to extend a warm welcome to you and a place you feel 100% comfortable to make this change in.
The backstory for Vamps Vapours is fairly simple, We as vape enthusiasts wanted to create the perfect environment for smokers to quit and begin living a better life. We also want to create a place for the ever growing vaping community in Central Hawkes Bay to gather and congregate. Vamps Vapours is a comfortable place for both beginners and experienced vapers to come together and enjoy the atmosphere and selection of vaping electronic cigarettes and E-liquids. We hope that you will enjoy your time at our shop as much as we will enjoy having you.
Our main goal is to help you quit smoking by choosing a healthier alternative and to provide you with an amazing experience! Our other goals are to bring anything you're looking for in the vape world to you. We strive to be one of the best vape shops in Hawkes Bay, and the rest of New Zealand.
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