Hi, I am Hinz Cooper, The founder and owner of Vamps Vapours.

It is my intent for you to understand that our company has incredibly high standards and that is what should determine where you shop. People want quality for their hard earned money. We don’t simply tell you this and expect you to believe it, We prove it.

Our founding began in a vision of an amazing vapour store with a high calibre staff, the latest products, and our own unique blend of custom juices.

I saw a need for our store and on June 6th 2017, we opened our first brick and mortar (B&M) store in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay. Why are we different than everyone else?

- World class customer service

- Only the best ingredients on the market from certified vendors go into our liquid

- You are taught to use the equipment you pay for

- You are always able to contact us and ask questions for help - We build more than coils; We build relationships! This is who we are.

We won’t compromise our standards, Why should you?


Our store

31 Islington Drive
Waipawa 4210

Hours:  10:00AM - 5:00PM